Jailed for eight months

A man who subjected his girlfriend to a “cowardly and sustained attack” has been jailed for a total of eight months.

Kyle Rowan, of 72 Northland Road, pleaded guilty to three charges of aggravatted assault, making a threat to kill and disorderly behaviour relating to two seperate incidents in October and December, last year.

Defence solicitor Keith Kyle said Rowan was a man “with no shortage of difficulties” adding that the 20-year-old remains in a relationship with the injured party.

Handing down the eight month jail term, District Judge Barney McElholm said the woman was left “with multiple bruises” after the first assault, which was a “cowardly and sustained attack” of a “vulnerable young woman.”

He said the idea of Rowan “pinning her down and beating her with his fists is quite frankly disgusting.”