Jailed for ‘horrific abuse’ of sister

A man who began sexually abusing his sister when she was just eight-years-old has been jailed for eighteen months and ordered to spend a further three years on probation.

The 55-year-old, who cannot be named to protect the identity of his victim, pleaded guilty to twelve charges of indecently assaulting his sister between January 1, 1973 and December 31, 1975.

Derry Crown Court heard that the abuse took place in the family home when the girl was in her bedroom playing or at nightime after the rest of the family had gone to bed.

The victim was also indecently assaulted in a field and a derelict house.

The court heard the man, who was in his late teens the abuse began, got “sexual gratifcation from simulated sexual intercourse” with his sister and that she remembers it happening two or three times a week over the two year period.

Passing sentence, the Recorder Judge Piers Grant, said he was restrained by the maximum sentence in force at the time the offences were committed.

He told the court that in the 1970’s the maximum sentence for indecent assault was two years. However, in 1989 parliament realised “this was inadequate and revised the maximum sentence to ten years.

The judge said the 55-year-old formed an “unnatural and immorally depraved sexual attraction” to his sister and began the “horrific abuse of a vulnerable little girl.”

He said it was obvious the “frequent abuse had damaged the child” adding it was a “horrible breach of trust.”

Ordering the man to sign the sex offenders register for ten years, Judge Grant said the “sexual abuse of children is an extremely serious offence because children are entitled to feel safe and protected in their own homes.”

The Judge also imposed a sexual offences prevention order for ten years.

This bans the 55-year-old from having contact with children without approval, from contacting his victim and from starting a relationship without informing his risk manager.