Jailed for one month for possessing ‘hillbilly heroin’


A man who was found with a quantity of ‘hillbilly heroin’ has been jailed for one month.

Harry Boyle, of Lawrence Hill, pleaded guilty to possessing a class A drug on February 3.

Other charges of possessing drugs with intent to supply were withdrawn.

The local Magistrate’s Court heard police searched the 24-year-old’s home and discovered 20 oxycodone tablets.

The court was told these are painkillers commonly known as ‘hillbilly heroin’.

It was revealed Boyle was currently on remand for other offences.

Defence solicitor Keith Kyle said his client had developed an addiction to painkillers at the time.

He said Boyle had been prescribed strong painkillers for a shoulder injury.

The solicitor added that once the prescription ended the 24-year-old got the drugs elsewhere.