Jailed for seven years for ‘slashing’ man in the head

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A 30-year-old from Limavady who ‘slashed’ a man in the head has been jailed for seven years.

The victim sustained four lacerations to his head in the ‘unprovoked’ attack and one of them was so deep his skull was visible.

William Young, of Glengiven Avenue in the town, pleaded guilty to wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm on March 19, last year.

He also admitted making two threats to kill.

His co-accused, 25-year-old Patrick James McDonald, of Sperrin Road, admitted a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Derry Crown Court heard the victim was in his girlfriend’s house on this day and they had had a number of arguments earlier on.

However, ‘all was well’ between them when the defendants arrived at the house.

Young had been in a relationship with the woman at a stage and she had been in contact with him over the phone.

The court was told there was some ‘conviviality’ between them all before the defendants launched a ‘vicious unprovoked attack’ on the injured party.

Sentencing Judge Philip Babington said the reason for this attack ‘is shrouded in mystery or perhaps alcohol’.

Young and McDonald kicked and punched the victim and knocked him to the ground.

Young then searched around and picked up a six inch kitchen knife from the sink.

He began ‘slashing or slicing’ the victim’s head with the knife.

At this stage McDonald left the house and the woman went to get help.

When she returned to the house her boyfriend was lying on the ground, unconscious and bleeding profusely from his head.

The court was told the injured party sustained four large lacerations, all of which were between six and eight centimetres long.

They were closed with staples and glue and he has been left with visible scars.

He also had defence lacerations to his finger, thumb and hand and had lost two teeth.

It was also revealed Young made a number of threats to the woman’s mother in which he said ‘tell that ginger haired b****** I will put him six feet under’.

The court was told 30-year-old Young has been assessed as a dangerous offender who poses a high risk of re-offending.

Judge Babington said this was a ‘drink fuelled incident’ and Young showed ‘no mercy’ to the injured party.

He said the victim ‘could well have died. Fortunately for all, he is still alive but is still bearing the mental and physical scars of what you did’.

He jailed Young for seven years and he will not be considered for release by the parole commissioners until he has served half this sentence.

The judge also imposed an extended licence period of three years to protect the public from harm.

Turning to McDonald, the judge said once the knife was produced the 25-year-old left ‘and that can only be to your credit’.

He added ‘perhaps you would have got more if you tried to intervene’.

Judge Babington accepted Young has ‘made changes to your lifestyle’ and said he would give him an opportunity to continue with this.

McDonald received a 12 month sentence suspended for three years.