Jailed for theft of pizza from delivery man


A man has been jailed at Derry Crown Court for the theft of a pizza from a delivery man.

Dean McBride (22) of 79 Strand Road in Derry admitted one charge of robbery on January 3 last year.

The court was told that a pizza was ordered from a company and the number of the person ordering it was not recognised.

The van driver left around 3 a.m. to deliver the order to the Strathfoyle area and as he stopped at the address to open a gate two men including McBride, approached him.

The other man grabbed the delivery man by the T-shirt tearing it before making off with the pizza and the hot bag it was kept in.

The value of all the items was put at £75.

Some days later a man was arrested for another incident and while in custody asked police to phone McBride, the number he gave was the same as that used to order the pizza.

A subsequent identity parade resulted in McBride being picked out.

At interview McBride said the phone belonged to the man that had been arrested and denied any knowledge of the theft.

Judge Philip Babington said McBride had a ‘very poor record’ with 26 previous convictions.

He said the defendant was convicted in 2011 of another charge of robbery where a vehicle was taken from an elderly couple for which McBride was given two years in custody and two on licence.

The judge said: “It is quite clear that McBride was present throughout this incident and it is quite clear that it was his phone that was used and probably him who spoke to order the pizza.”

The court heard that McBride was released on August 9 2013 and over the next six months he was convicted of three different offences.

In March 2014 his licence was revoked and Judge Babington said ‘not before time his licence was revoked and it should have been revoked still earlier.’

He added that if McBride continues like this ‘he will spend most of his life in custody.’

Stating that McBride ‘cared little’ about his victims the judge said it was clear he was ‘in on it’ as regards the crime.

He said the defendant was due for release in August 2015 and the new sentence he was passing today would only begin then.

He sentenced McBride to two years in prison of which 9 months will be in custody and 15 on licence.