Judge accuses teen of wasting time

A judge has said a man and a woman should be charged with wasting police time after they failed to appear in court.

District Judge Barney McElholm made the comment after being told neither the defendant nor the injured party had turned up for a contest that was listed earlier this week.

Martin Stokes, of Cornshell Fields, is charged with common assault on March 31, last year.

The case was listed for hearing on a special domestic violence contest day, which is held once a month at Derry Magistrates Court.

Stokes (19) did not appear in court and a prosecutor said the injured party had also not turned up to give evidence in the case.

District Judge McElholm said ‘police should charge the two of them with wasting police time. This happens every single time these two come before the court’.

He convicted Stokes in his absence and issued a warrant for the teenagers arrest.