Kieran Doherty: Family demand to see unredacted Carlile Report

Kieran Doherty.
Kieran Doherty.

The family of Derry man Kieran Doherty murdered by the Real IRA four years ago are demanding to see the entire contents of an investigation into claims the MI5 was involved in his killing.

The family of the 31 year old attended a preliminary hearing at the Coroner’s Court in Belfast yesterday where senior coroner John Leckey ordered they be given a copy of a report by Lord Carlile into allegations MI5 were involved in the killing.

In the weeks before his death, Kieran had told the Derry Journal that the MI5 tried to recruit him as an informer.

However Lord Carlile told the Doherty family in a letter that “no inappropriate action took place”.

At the Coroner’s Court yesterday (Tuesday, June 24) John Leckey said the family will be shown the full report - but only in redacted form.

Vincent Coyle, an uncle of the murder victim, told the ‘Journal’ that while the family “felt vindicated on one level” to discover there was much more to the report than the three paragraphs they had initially received - they would not accept a redacted version of it.

“Giving us a redacted version of the report is a farce. We think it’s a government smokescreen - the people doing the redacting or the editing will be the people that we actually made the allegation against.

“We are calling for the full version to be made available to the family and put in the public domain before the next hearing in October.

“This is about us clearing an innocent man’s name,”