Kneed girlfriend in the genitals

A 21-year-old man who subjected his girlfriend to a “horrifying and terrifying” assault will be sentenced later today.

Kyle O’Brien, whose address was given on court papers as Kular Court, Little James Street, pleaded guilty to false imprisonment, three charges of common assault and criminal damage.

The charges relate to an incident on June 24, last year.

Derry Crown Court was told the injured party, who was 16-years-old, had an argument with her then boyfriend because she believed he had been taking drugs.

The 21-year-old pushed his girlfriend into a fence and began calling her names.

When she attempted to phone police O’Brien knocked the phone out of her hand and kneed her three times in her genitals.

The teenager fell to the ground and her boyfriend kicked her several times in the same area.

A passerby came over during this incident and helped the victim get up before O’Brien dragged her back into the house.

The court was told the girl was frightened and believed her boyfriend would kill her so she tried to leave.

However, the 21-year-old slammed the door shut and blocked it.

O’Brien dragged the young woman into a bedroom, punched her several times and threatened to kill her.

The court was told O’Brien threw a hairdryer and straighteners against the wall, causing them to break and fall on top of the injured party.

He then began to kiss and hug her, sucking her neck “which hurt her”. She was able to make her escape from the house a short time later.

It was revealed probation believe O’Brien poses a risk of causing significant harm.

Defence barrister Gordon Talbot said the 21-year-old “is certainly not proud of himself” or his behaviour.

Mr Talbot told the court O’Brien had been “ingesting enormous amounts of tablets and alcohol” at the time of the incident “and that is all he can say to explain his conduct”.

However, the barrister told the court his client is now aware he needs help.

Adjourning sentencing until today, Judge Piers Grant said he would also consider imposing a protection from harassment order.

He said: “This young woman needs protection and I can make an order which prevents him being in her company. That might give her some comfort she is protected”.

O’Brien was remanded in custody and will appear in court later.