‘Like something from One Flew Over the Cickoo’s Nest’-says judge

Derry's Courthouse on Bishop Street. 3003JM66
Derry's Courthouse on Bishop Street. 3003JM66

The case of a man who allegedly exposed his buttocks and genitals to police has been described as ‘like something out of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ at Derry Magistrate’s Court.

Thomas McCaughey (24) of 137 Ard Grange appeared charged with disorderly behaviour, criminal damage, possessing drugs and indecent behaviour on March 14.

A solicitor told the court that McCaughey would be admitted everything except the indecent behaviour charge.

A police officer connected the defendant to the charge and opposed bail.

She told the court that police on mobile patrol approached McCaughey who became abusive and called police officer ‘dickheads.’

He was warned about his behaviour but continued to be abusive then moved away from police.

As he did so he was alleged to have pulled down his trousers and pointed his buttocks at police before turning around and waving his genitals.

The officer said he did this a second time and there were young children in the area.

He was arrested a small amount of cannabis was found in his pocket.

As he was being brought into the station McCaughey smashed the handcuffs on an IPad causing £55 worth of damage.

He told police that he was ‘just trying to get a chase’ and said he meant to just drop his trousers a little way but they must have fallen down.

The officer opposed bail as McCaughey was already on police bail for drug offences and she said she did not believe he would adhere to conditions.

Defence solicitor Mr. Seamus Quigley said for someone to do what his client did ‘was absolutely insane.’

He asked the officer was McCaughey upset while being interviewed and was told he was.

The defendant sat crying in the dock during the hearing.

Mr. Quigley said it was a ‘bizarre situation.’

He was released on his own bail of £1,000, with a cash surety of £500, ordered to wear a tag, observe a curfew and report to police three times a week.

He will appear again on April 16.