Limavady crime toll down by 9%

Overall crime in Limavady is down by 9%, with 189 fewer crimes than last year, new figures reveal.

Official statistics have yet to be released but indicative figures suggest a reduction in overall crime compared with the previous financial year, making Limavady a safer place to live, according to PSNI Area Commander Sam Donaldson.

Figures, to date, show, there has been a significant decrease in robbery, down by 87%; a significant decrease in burglary, down 46%: (92 fewer incidents).•

Violent crimes with injury have reduced by 27%: (More than 100 fewer incidents which means over 100 less victims).

•The clearance rate in Limavady is currently 31.5%: (the highest clearance rate in the PSNI).

Chief Inspector Donaldson said: “This has been a successful year for police and demonstrates how committed we are to reducing crime in our local communities. Overall crime is down in Limavady and we currently have the highest clearance rates in the PSNI. This means an offender is more likely to be caught in Limavady than anywhere else in Northern Ireland.””

Area Commander Donaldson continued: “There has been a substantial drop in certain types of crime which are of particular concern to the community, such as offences against the person, violent crime, robberies and burglaries. I hope this will reassure the public that together, Police and the community are committed to making a difference.

“While this reduction is to be welcomed, we are not complacent. It is our aim to ensure that we have the right number of police officers on our streets, in our communities and neighbourhoods to ensure that we continue to keep our communities safer.

“We still have much to do and our efforts will be focused on listening to communities, identifying local issues of concern.”