Limavady ‘not a soft touch’ for drugs

Roe Valley residents have been urged to “redouble their efforts” to help police close the net on those peddling drugs and to let it be known “Limavady is not a soft touch” for dealers.

Tuesday’s seizure of suspected cannabis in the Sperrin Road area the town had an estimated street value of £2,000, and was part of Operation Torus, a new initiative to tackle street-level drug dealing.

East Derry SDLP assemblyman, John Dallat said the find “tell us the PSNI is doing their work in seizing drugs, but it is also telling us that the scourge of the drug barons and their death-inducing substances is still about”.

“On the positive side, let us take comfort that we have a police drugs squad that has been repeatedly successful in the Limavady area. However, let us also accept that every member of the community has a serious responsibility to support those officers by constantly telling them of any behaviour in their neighbourhood that suggests drug dealing activity. One observation, one phone call to the neighbourhood police officer won’t bring a raid, but it helps build up a picture which enables seizures to take place,” he said, adding: “Limavady is a good place with good people but, like any other town, there are those who will target it and prey on the most vulnerable to corrupt and contaminate young people with their deadly products of death and misery. In the worst example I know they hid their consignments in the wheelchair of a disabled person.”

Sinn Fein Colr. Sean McGlinchey praised the PSNI for the seizure.

“It’s brilliant, no doubt about it, but let’s not be foolish and ever think there won’t be drugs about,” he said. “But the more of this poison we can get off our streets the better, and I would strongly encourage anyone with information about drugs or those dealing drugs to give it to the PSNI.”

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