Limavady police issue ‘urgent warning’ over suspected batch of ‘bad’ drugs

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Police in Limavady have issued an urgent warning to local people about what they believe is a batch of “bad” drugs possibly circulating in the area.

On the PSNI Limavady Facebook page on Friday evening, police stated local officers had “received information to suggest that a batch of ‘bad’ drugs may be circulating in the Limavady area”.

“While at this time it is unclear exactly what these drugs are, we understand they are most likely in tablet form and could pose a serious risk to health,” said Limavady PSNI.

“Obviously we would always caution against anyone taking drugs however, in light of this information, we are issuing a renewed and urgent warning to local people not to take any illegal drugs or drugs that haven’t been prescribed to you.”

Police urged anyone with any information that can help police take these or any illegal substances out of circulation in the Limavady area to call police immediately on 101.