Lottery winner drove Ferrari while on phone


A former Euromillions winner was fined a total of £250 and given three penalty points after he was observed using his mobile phone while at the wheel of his Ferrari.

Ryan Magee of Monnaboy Road, was observed using the phone on 14th July 2010, Derry Magistrate’s Court heard yesterday.

Magee had been charged with having no driving licence but that charge was dropped, though one of failure to produce was upheld after Magee’s licence was produced in court.

Defence solicitor for Magee told the court: “My client received a phone call and foolishly accepted it. While he does have previous convictions this is his first motoring offence.”

For using a mobile telphone while driving, the 30 year-old was fined £200 and given three penalty points. On the charge of failing to produce his licence, Judge Barney McElholm fined Magee £50.

Ryan Magee won 6.4 million euro in February 2008. He made headlines when, after winning the money he bought a top of the range Ferrari in celebration.