‘Low life scum’ shatter wedding dreams for Limavady bride-to-be

Lee McGowan and Eamon Cooke. (0804JB30)
Lee McGowan and Eamon Cooke. (0804JB30)

A Limavady bride-to-be may be forced to call off her big day after “low life scum” stole £12,000 in cash she and her fiancé had saved to pay for their wedding.

Leanne McGowan from outside Limavady, and Eamon Cooke from Greysteel, are due to wed in five weeks time in Faughanvale.

However, the couple - who both work in Derry - may be forced to call off the May 14 wedding after the Tuesday night theft, which police say took place at Leanne’s family home in the rural location of Dromore Avenue, just a few miles outside Limavady off the Barnault Road.

The 31-year-old mum-of-one says she stashed the money she and Eamon had “worked hard” and saved for at her father’s home in a locked cabinet.

“My brother left the house at 7pm on Tuesday and when my father came home at 11.30pm he found the front door open,” explained Leanne.

She said the perpetrator may have tried to get in through the front door, but eventually gained entry through a window in the kitchen at the back of the property, which they say measures just 35cm by 45cms.

Leanne says some money from her brother’s room was stolen, but nothing else in the house was touched.

The couple have paid all the deposits for their around 160-guests wedding, and say if they call off their big day they will still lose a substantial amount of money.

“I feel physically sick,” Leeann told the ‘Journal’. “It’s a nightmare.”

The couple say neighbours reported suspicious activity in the area to them, claiming they saw a woman standing at a nearby bridge using a mobile phone around 6.30pm, while a strange car also seen in the Highlands Road area around the same time.

Eamon appealed to whoever is behind the theft to have some thought for the misery caused and appealed for them to return the money.

“They’re probably sitting laughing at us thinking they would get a couple of hundred pounds, but they hit the jackpot. Now they won’t have to do anything for another couple of months,” he said. “They should bury their heads in shame. They are low life scum.”

He added: “I’d marry Leanne in a shed, but she deserves better. I don’t know what we’ll do now.”

Police are appealing for anyone with information to contact them immediately.