Made remark about dead PSNI officer

A Derry man who made a derogatary comment about a deceased police officer has been ordered to pay £250 to the PSNI Benevolent Fund.

Diarmuid Nicell, of Harding Street, admitted to disorderly behaviour and assaulting police when he appeared at Derry Magistrate’s Court. The court heard that Nicell was verbally abusive to police and was warned about his behaviour on a on July 25 at Harding Street.

He was arrested after returning to the area for a third time and continuing to be abusive. He spat at an officer and replied “blah, blah, f****** blah” when cautioned.

The court heard some of the comments made by Nicell were in relation to a deceased female police officer and were derogotary in nature.

A defence solicitor said it had been a “bit of banter” initially and that he had little recollection of the incident. Nicell was given a three month prison sentence, suspended for two years, ordered to pay £250 in compenstation and £250 to the PSNI Benevolent Fund.