Malin Garda Station to close

The imminent closure of Malin Garda Station has been described as a savage blow to rural Donegal by Sinn Féin TD Padraig MacLochlainn.

The closure of five garda stations across Donegal was revealed in the annual policing plan published by Justice Minister Alan Shatter this week.

Deputy MacLochlainn said: “The news that Malin, Annagry, Glencholmcille, Brockagh and Churchill garda stations are to close is a savage blow to rural Donegal, which has already suffered disproportionately under the cuts regieme imposed by this and the previous government. Both the Irish Farmers’ Association and the Garda Representatives Association, the representatives of rural Ireland and of the vast majority of Garda, have repeatedly rejected these ongoing station closure, as they know the value of community policing. These are the people who know rural communities, unlike those who are in charge of drafting these proposals.

“The government is attempting to spin these closures as the reform of policing structures when we all know that it is the austerity agenda which is at work here, under the guise of reform. Sinn Féin put forward Budget proposals this week demonstrating how the deficit could be closed without targeting frontline services. Rural communities should not have to suffer even more because of the fiscal ineptitude of the government.”