Man accused of '˜brandishing' knives towards local councillor

A man accused of brandishing two knives towards a local councillor following an alleged domestic incident has been remanded in custody.

Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 12:00 pm
Pacemaker Press 30-12-2015: Dean Beattie (22 )who was previously filmed escaping from Bishops Street Courthouse in Londonderry pictured following his rearrest and appearance at the same court in Northern Ireland. Picture By: Pacemaker.

Dean Beattie, of Glenowen Park, is charged with assaulting his girlfriend and local independent Councillor Darren O’Reilly on September 28.

The 25-years-old is further charged with burglary with intent to cause unlawful damage, possessing two knives and using a motorbike without insurance.

Derry Magistrate’s Court heard allegations that police were called to the Osborne Street area after receiving several reports of an ongoing domestic disturbance.

It is alleged Beattie pushed his girlfriend, threw a number of items around the house and threw a kitchen drawer during the incident.

The court also heard that Beattie had ‘stabbed the kitchen wall with a knife’.

The house belonged to Beattie’s girlfriend’s mother who reported that he was not welcome there and that he was aware of this.

Police received further reports that the defendant had left the property with two large knives on his person.

It is alleged he approached local community representative Colr. O’Reilly brandishing the knives towards him and said he was not afraid of him.

Beattie then allegedly made off from the area on a scooter.

He was arrested at an address in the Rockmills area and the knives were allegedly seized at the rear of the property.

Opposing bail, an investigating officer said the defendant has 68 previous convictions and is a ‘priority offender’ in the area.

He said Beattie has a number of relevant convictions and he ‘represents a high risk of further offences’.

The officer said police also have concerns the defendant could interfere with witnesses and ‘represent a risk of harm to the public’.

The court also heard there is a risk the defendant would breach bail or flee the jurisdiction.

The officer made reference to a previous incident when Beattie escaped from police custody by scaling the railings at Bishop Street Courthouse and evaded arrest for six days.

The court also heard that there is an ‘emerging threat’ towards the defendant and if granted bail police would have concerns about his safety.

During cross-examination by defence solicitor, Seamus Quigley, the officer conceded that neither the female complainant nor Colr. O’Reilly have made a formal statement.

However, he said there was other evidence in the case, including CCTV footage, forensics and other witness statements.

Mr. Quigley told the court his client has been on bail in relation to other alleged incidents for the last six months and has complied with all the conditions.

He added that there is an address for Beattie in a distinct area away from where the alleged incident occurred.

District Judge Barney McElholm refused the application, stating ‘the simple fact of the matter is that people given bail are obliged to abide by conditions and not reoffend. He has done both’.

Beattie was remanded to appear in court again via videolink on October 25.