Man armed with screwdrivers bursts into pensioner’s home


An elderly Derry couple have spoken of their terrifying encounter with an “agitated” man armed with screwdrivers who burst into their Bogside home late on Wednesday night.

The frightening incident took place at around 11.30 p.m. when the couple - who asked not to be named - heard a loud banging at their front door.

The woman, still clearly shocked by the ordeal, told the ‘Journal’ yesterday: “We opened the door thinking it might be a relative and, all of a sudden, this man 
burst into the house claiming he was being chased by men who were going to 
shoot him.

“Despite trying to close the door, he managed to get into the house and stayed for around 45 minutes.”

It’s understood the man was armed with a number of large screwdrivers and was carrying a pair of rubber gloves.

The woman said he stayed in the hallway throughout the incident and didn’t threaten or injure either 
of them.

“Fortunately, our neighbours saw the man force his way into the house and alerted the police,” added the woman. “At one stage I was also able to go out to the back yard and phone my son who arrived around the same time as the police.”

It’s understood the man was apprehended at 
the scene.

The woman said that, with hindsight, she now realised she shouldn’t have opened the door.

“I just hope the incident serves as a warning to others not to open their door without being absolutely sure who is there,” she added.