Man charged with spitting at ex-partner

A man accused of spitting in the face of his ex-partner has been refused bail at the local magistrate’s court.

Christopher James Hugh McKendrick, of Lisfannon Park, is charged with common assault, theft of a purse and causing damage to a dress on February 21.

The court heard allegations McKendrick had an argument with his 18-year-old ex-partner and ripped her dress.

He also allegedly pushed her to the ground, spat in her face and poured beer over her.

It is further alleged he threw her handbag and stole her purse, containing cards and cash.

During police interview, he denied the incident.

McKendrick was charged and released on bail. However, the court heard he had breached the conditions on two occasions.

Opposing bail, an investigating officer said the alleged injured party has a ‘high level of fear and distress’.

He said McKendrick was ‘not taking his bail conditions seriously’ and police fear ‘he will continue to make approaches’ to the woman.

District Judge Peter King said when McKendrick breached his bail in March he was given a ‘final warning which left him in absolutely no doubt of the consequences of a further bail breach’.

He said to re-release the 26-year-old on bail would make a ‘complete mockery of the court proceedings’.

McKendrick was remanded in custody until June 4.