Man ‘intent on starting trouble’ at parade

Court case
Court case

A judge has said he is ‘seriously considering’ jailing a man who was ‘intent on starting trouble’ during the annual Apprentice Boys parade in the city.

District Judge Barney McElholm made the comment as 25-year-old Padraic Dalzell appeared in court.

Dalzell, whose address was given on court papers as Ivy Terrace, pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour on August 9.

Derry Magistrates Court heard the 25-year-old was involved in an altercation with marchers as he tried to cross the road close to Wapping Lane.

The situation was calmed by local community representatives and police then spoke to Dalzell.

He told the officers to ‘get away from him. It’s a free country’ and then shouted ‘British b*******’ at the marchers and he was arrested.

Defence solicitor Maeliosa Barr said his client attempted to cross the road before the marchers came down the road.

He added that Dalzell shouted the comment at police rather than the marchers and that he regrets it.

District Judge Barney McElholm said the 25-year-old ‘doesn’t regret it enough, coming in here and telling that load of nonsense. I don’t believe a word of it’.

The judge added that a ‘great effort is made in this city and deserves widespread praise for how these marches go off peacefully. It is a shining example to certain other places because people talk to each other and respect each other’.

Judge McElholm said he was ‘seriously considering’ imprisoning Dalzell as he was ‘intent on starting some sort of trouble and there is clearly a sectarian element’.

Sentencing was adjourned until November 14.