Man jailed for ‘disgraceful offending behaviour'

A man has been jailed for what a judge described as 'disgraceful offending behaviour'.

Dean Elliott (25) of Duddy's Court admitted a series of offences that occurred over the past year.

The court heard that on January 24, 2022, Elliott was arrested for breaching his bail.

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As he was being escorted to a police vehicle he said 'we will have a bit of crack'.

He then kicked a bin and started shouting and swearing.

When he was interviewed Elliott said 'I was just acting the eejit.'

The court heard that on January 29 police were called to a report of a disturbance in Duddy's Court with two males throwing items.

Elliott had a large stick and he threw it away smashing the window of an elderly lady, the court heard.

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He was arrested and at interview said he had no recollection of the events.

The court then heard about an incident on November 20 when police received a report of two men fighting in Bank Place.

One of those involved was Elliott and when police broke up the fight he became 'aggressive and violent towards police' spitting, biting and kicking.

He also spat in a police vehicle and broke an officer's glasses.

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Then on November 27 CCTV operators reported a man with no top on trying to fight with people in Castle Street.

A window was also smashed in the area which was attributed to Elliott.

He was located in Shipquay Street and made full admissions.

The final set of offences occurred outside a bar on the Dungiven Road where Elliott was trying to fight with door staff.

The court heard Elliott had been allowed in to the bar on condition he did not drink.

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He was then seen drinking beer and was asked to leave and became aggressive.

He tried to strike one member of the door staff with a bottle and broke a window.

Defence counsel Stephen Chapman said there was 'a clear theme' and that was Elliott's alcohol issues.

He said he had tried to deal with that while in custody but alcohol had taken a grip on him.

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Referring to the broken window belonging to the elderly woman District Judge Barney McElholm said it was a 'disgraceful situation for anyone to be in' and sentenced Elliott to 15 months in prison.