Man jailed for three months for hate crime told police he ‘is a ‘bit of a racist’


A 23-year-old man who racially abused two people admitted to police he is a ‘bit of a racist’.

Jason Samuel Murphy was jailed for three months for committing a hate crime.

Murphy, of Abbeydale, pleaded guilty to two charges of disorderly behaviour between October 2014 and March this year.

Derry Magistrates Court heard police were administering first aid to a man outside a city centre bar when they had to speak to Murphy because he was being obstructive.

He said ‘those blacks shouldn’t be in our country they should f*** off back to their own country. Up the National Front’.

The court was told a black man was walking past at the time but did not heat the comments.

Murphy was arrested and pushed an officer on the chest.

The 23-year-old then said ‘this is Ulster, blacks out’.

A second incident occurred in a shop on Foyle Street.

Murphy racially abused the manager of the shop.

He called him a ‘paki’ and said ‘you are not in Pakistan anymore you are in the north of Ireland’.

During police interview the 23-year-old accepted he was a ‘bit of a racist’.

However, he said he couldn’t remember the incidents because when he drinks ‘everything is a blank’.

Defence solicitor Seamus Quigley told the court his client knows this is a ‘truly shocking case in this day and age when there is enough problems and prejudice in this part of the world’.

Jailing Murphy, District Judge Barney McElholm said ‘considering the treatment meted out to people from this island who have gone abroad in the past I find it difficult to understand how anyone could behave in this manner to visitors to our shores’.

He also told the 23-year-old in the Ice Age there was no one living on this island ‘so we all came from somewhere else’.

The judge said to racially abuse someone in the street is ‘totally unacceptable in this society and the court had to impose a sentence to reflect that’.