Man jailed for verbally abusing judge

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A man has been jailed for 28 days for contempt of court, after he verbally abused a local judge.

Sean Patrick Gibbons, who appeared in court for a breach of bail and charges of assaulting police, told District Judge Barney McElholm to “go f*** yourself. Get a wig you baldy c***”.

Gibbons, 22, of Rushcroft Park, is charged with assaulting and resisting police on August 15.

He is also on bail awaiting sentence for similar offences dating back to July and is electronically tagged.

The court heard that police called to his home in the early hours of this morning because G4S had reported a breach of an 8pm curfew.

This was the fourth time the 22-year-old had appeared in court for an alleged breach of bail, however the breach was not found on three occasions because of problems with the O2 network.

The court heard allegations that when police arrived at his home, a resident told officers Gibbons had not returned home until 11pm.

When officers went to arrest him, he allegedly headbutted an officer on the chin and kicked him on the leg.

It was claimed when Gibbons was taken to the police station he refused to give a breath sample telling officers to “shove it up your hole”, a further breach of his bail conditions.

Defence solicitor Paddy McDaid said his client denies the breach of bail and continues to maintain there are problems with the eletronic monitoring system.

He added the 22-year-old acted out of “frustration and annoyance” at the police attending his home yet again for an alleged breach and it was “the straw that broke the camel’s back”.

The solicitor told the court Gibbons was due to start employment today and urged the court to release him on bail.

However, District Judge Barney McElholm refused bail, stating the 22-year-old’s actions were “completely objectionable” and remanded him in custody.

Gibbons then began to shout verbal abuse, shouting “that’s a f****** joke, you know” and “black b*******”.

The judge said he was going to use his powers in relation to the outburst and gave Gibbons a chance to apologise for his misbehaviour.

However, the 22-year-old claimed it was justified.

Mr McElholm initially sentenced him to 14 days in prison. However after a further outburst, he sentenced him to 28 days in prison.

As he was being led from the dock, Gibbons told Mr McElholm to “go f*** yourself. Go and get a wig you baldy c***”.

Gibbons will appear in court again for the other offences on September 3.