Man ‘pointed’ replica gun at security guard

A 64-year-old who allegedly pointed a replica automatic machine gun at a local security guard has been released on bail, after spending four months on remand.

Brian Charles Greene, of Claremont Court, Dublin, is charged with possessing a firearm or imitation firearm on August 18 last.

Derry Magistrate’s Court heard that a security guard spotted the 64-year-old outside Foyleside at around midnight, taking tables and chairs out of the back of his car.

When he approached the car, Greene allegedly walked towards the security guard with a machine gun under a sheet and removed the sheet when he was asked to by the guard.

An investigating officer told the court the guard feared he would be shot and asked Greene to put the gun down.

During police interview the Dublin man admitted bringing out the gun without warning and stated that the security guard was “foolish for believing it was a real gun.”

Greene was released on his own bail of £1,000 to appear in court again on December 23.