Man punched in city centre still hasn’t come round - court told

Derry's Courthouse on Bishop Street. 3003JM66
Derry's Courthouse on Bishop Street. 3003JM66

A man who sustained injuries in a ‘one punch’ assault still hasn’t ‘come around’, a court has heard.

The claim was made as 29-year-old Teddy Roulston applied to have his bail conditions varied.

Roulston, of Ballycolman Estate, is charged with causing grievous bodily harm to Peter Morrison on June 11.

The charge relates to an alleged incident outside a bar on Waterloo Street.

It is alleged Roulston, who had been out drinking with Mr Morrison all day, became ‘slightly agressive’ towards a female in their company.

Mr Morrison challenged the 29-year-old about this and they ‘fell out’.

The two men were then seen on CCTV and by several witnesses outside the bar having a conversation.

It is alleged that ‘out of nowhere’ Roulston punched Mr Morrison and a ‘loud crack’ was heard when he hit the ground.

An investigating officer told the court Mr Morrison is in a ‘stable condition’ but has not come round and still requires assistance with his breathing and feeding.

She added he displays a limited response to pain and ‘it is still unsure what recovery he will make’.

Opposing the bail variation application to allow 29-year-old Roulston to live and work in Derry, the officer told the court police have concerns he would interfere with the ‘large number of witnesses’ in the case.

The officer made reference to a letter from Mr Morrison’s mother who said this incident is ‘all the more devastating’ to her family as 16 years ago her husband fell off a ladder, suffered similar head injuries and subsequently passed away as a result.

The injured party’s mother also raised concerns if the bail variation was granted her family may run into the defendant.

Defence solicitor Oliver Roache told the court there was ‘no detailed knowledge between the two families’ and claimed Mr Morrison was a ‘casual acquaintance’ of his client.

The solicitor also told the court Roulston does not know any of the eye witnesses.

He added that the 29-year-old can’t drive so the only way he could take up employment in Derry was to live here.

Refusing the application, Deputy District Judge John Connolly said the judge who originally granted bail was ‘mindful of the fact the defendant wasn’t living in Derry’.

Roulston will appear in court again next month.