Man ‘ran through shopping centre wearing only socks’

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A man accused of running through a local shopping centre wearing only his socks has been released on bail.

David Baranowski, of Killymallaght Road, Cullion, is charged with indecent behaviour and assault on January 21, last.

He is further charged with disorderly behaviour, assault on police, obstruction and resisting police.

These charges relate to an alleged incident in the Shipquay Street area of the city on January 14.

An investigating officer told Derry Magistrates Court he believed he could connect the 20-year-old to the charges.

Opposing bail the officer told the court Baranowski has 27 previous convictions, including three for common assault and three for assaulting police officers.

He said it was the police view the 20-year-old is a “danger to the public and himself.”

The officer said on January 20, Baranowski allegedly ran through Lisnagelvin Shopping Centre wearing only his socks. He claimed that the incident occurred at around 8pm on Saturday when the shopping centre was busy with customers, including children.

He revealed that a further allegation was made that Baranowski went to someone’s house and punched the injured party in the face when they answered their front door.

The officer said police feared the defendant would commit further offences if released on bail or not adhere to bail conditions.

Defence solicitor Seamus Quigley told the court his client has problems with alcohol and drugs, with the 20-year-old’s drug of choice being “everything and anything.”

District Judge Barney McElholm said young people don’t realise the dangers of drugs like cannabis and “think if they aren’t taking heroin they are safe enough.”

“Cannabis is not the hippy friendly drug it was supposed to be back in the 60s, it is a totally different animal.”

The judge said he had commented many times in the past about the need for a facility to remand people who require treatment or help.

He said this would not only help defendant’s like Baranowski but “society as a whole.”

The 20-year-old was released on bail and banned from consuming alcohol or drugs. He will appear in court again on February 9.