Man’s indecent behaviour was ‘more of a Mel Gibson’

A man has appeared at the Magistrates Court in Derry charged with indecent behaviour.

Dylan Heavern, 20, of 4 Mountainview Park, Dungiven, was detected exposing himself in public view on October 11 last year at Shipquay Street.

Scanning the papers in the case, District Judge, Barney McElholm, said it was “not the usual manifestation” of indecent behaviour, saying it was “more of a Mel Gibson”.

Prosecuting Counsel for the PPS, said Heavern stepped out in front of the police vehicle and pulled his trousers down around his knees, exposing his naked bottom to the officers. He was detained and informed he would be reported for indecent behaviour and after caution he said: “I know. I was a c...”.

Noting that Heavern commented he knew ‘those 54 words by heart’ from a well-known speech in a film he said: “There are only 43 words in that speech, so on top of everything else he cannot count”.

A solicitor told the court she was covering for a colleague and asked if the court might have use of a pre-sentence report.

Mr McElholm declined but agreed to defer the case until this Friday, March 21, to allow Heavern’s own solicitor to appear on his behalf.