Man’s knuckles dislocated by youths in Creggan assault

Des O'Hagan, youth co-ordinator, Ethan McCourt and Martin Collins, IRSP. (1005SL01)
Des O'Hagan, youth co-ordinator, Ethan McCourt and Martin Collins, IRSP. (1005SL01)

A 20 year-old Derry man has suffered two dislocated knuckles in an unprovoked attack by a gang in Creggan.

Ethan McCourt from Hazelbank was walking at Chapel Lane in the Creggan estate when he was set upon by a group of males who were drinking alcohol on the street.

“As I walked past one of them punched me in the face and I went down. They then kicked me in the ribs and one of them jumped on my hand. I had to go to hospital to have two knuckles relocated.

“It was completely unprovoked, I didn’t even get the chance to look at them. The whole thing was over in about 15 seconds and then they ran up towards the Creggan shops,” he told the ‘Journal’.

Mr McCourt said the assailants were around his age. “I’m 6’2” so they were not wee lads, they were around 19 or 20, I’d say.”

He branded those who attacked him “pure scum”. “They have nothing better to do, they’re pure scum.”

“I spent around five hours in hospital to get my knuckles relocated, it was painful and for what?”

Mr McCourt, who reported the matter to the PSNI, spoke to Irish Republican Socialist Party representative Martin Collins about the incident.

Mr Collins said Mr McCourt’s assault was one of a series of complaints his party received from people about the Chapel Lane area in Creggan in recent weeks. “Local people have contacted us who are afraid to leave their homes - they have complained of young people setting fire to fencing, throwing bottles and cans into gardens and urinating in gardens. Some people won’t walk at Chapel Lane or the shop lane because of the youths’ behaviour. Other people have complained of having bottles thrown at their cars as they drive past.”

Mr Collins said that many of the young people were coming from outside the Creggan area to congregate and drink there. He appealed to parents to ensure “they know where their children are” and act responsibly.