Man sent text ‘threat to kill’ daughter

A man who sent a text message to his daughter threatening to kill her has been ordered to pay £200 to the NSPCC.

Thomas Doherty, of Knockalla Park, pleaded guilty to improper use of public electronic communications on July 8, last year.

Derry Magistrate’s Court heard the child contacted the police after receiving the threats from her 42-year-old father.

She was afraid to go home because she “believed he would hurt her or carry out the threat”. Police arranged for a suitable place for the girl to stay and Doherty was arrested. During interview he admitted sending the text but claimed that was the way he and his daughter would speak to each other.

Defence solicitor Paddy MacDermott said Doherty “regrets his behaviour” and is “ashamed of sending a text message of that nature”. Ordering the 42-year-old to complete a 240 hour community service order, District Judge Barney McElholm said: “I find it hard to fathom what kind of creature would talk to their daughter or text her in that way”.