Man spat in face of detention officer

A 42-year-old Derry man who spat in the face of a detention officer has been conditionally discharged after the court heard of his previous good character.

Peter Maguire of Rockmills appeared in the city’s Magistrate’s Court on Friday in connection with two incidents of disorderly behaviour late last year.

In the first instance, on November 28, Maguire became abusive to police who stopped to talk to him on Strand Road - telling them to “Go f*** yourselves”. Despite warnings he continued being abusive and was arrested,

On December 15, police were called to Foyle Street where a fight had broken out. He became abusive to police and again was arrested. While in custody a civilian detention officer entered his cell to remove a tray and Maguire spat in his face.

A defence solicitor said his client had a previously clear record and had been unstable at the time due to a change in his medication.

District Judge Barney McElholm agreed to give Maguire “one last chance”.