Man swung dumbbell in a sock - Derry court told


A man was detained by members of the public after allegedly breaking into a flat and swinging a dumbbell wrapped in a sock at those trying to hold him.

Conor Quigley of Ederowne Park in Derry appeared at the local Magistrate’s Court charged in connection with the incident that occurred on September 20.

The court heard that Quigley was alleged to have broken a window in a flat and gained entry.

When he came out the front door he was detained by members of the public.

A police officer told the court there were six witnesses who claimed to have witnessed the incident and when they went to detain Quigley he swung the sock containing the weight in an attempt to get away.

The court heard he also had a blue T-shirt with eye holes cut out in it with which he had covered his head.

He was released on his own bail of £500, he must observe a curfew and wear an electronic tag. He will appear again in court on October 3.