Man to be sentenced for sexual assault today

A man who admitted sexually assaulting a vulnerable woman in her own home has “ruined his life” a court has heard.

Patrick James Campbell, of Knightsbridge, pleaded guilty to one charge of sexual assault on December 19, last year.

Derry Crown Court heard the 38-year-old, who has no previous convictions for sex offences, let himself into the woman’s home while she was sleeping.

The injured party had left a key in the door for her family to return after a night out.

It was revealed Campbell was known to the injured party, who is a vulnerable woman.

The victim awoke in the early hours of the morning to find the 38-year-old standing over her bed and staring at her. He then removed his clothes and got into the bed beside her.

During the incident Campbell told the woman he wanted some sort of secret relationship with her and told her he loved her. He kissed her, made her touch his penis and touched her.

The court also heard that when the woman tried to talk the 38-year-old round, he touched her breasts. She described this as “pulling and hauling” at them and said it was sore.

The woman kept trying to talk Campbell round and when she told him her family would be back soon he was persuaded to leave.

Campbell was arrested and during police interview said he had been drinking all day and could not remember the incident. He claimed that he “coldn’t believe he would have done” what the woman alleged.

It was revealed to the court that the injured party feels the sexual assault has “ruined her life” and has had a long lasting impact on her.

Defence counsel Eoghan Devlin said his client accepts he has caused “very grave damage to the injured party’s life” and added that Campbell has “effectively destroyed his own life in the community”.

He revealed that after the incident was reported, “other parties in the community took it upon themselves to hunt this man down” and he spent a night hiding from them in a retreat centre.

Mr Devlin his client’s late father found the incident very hard to deal with and Campbell now feels he “has contributed in no small part to his own father’s premature death” .

He told the court the 38-year-old regrets his behaviour, accepts his victim must have “gone through hell” and has said he will never drink again “if this is what I am capable of”.

Judge Piers Grant reserved sentencing until later today.