Man weeps as daughter gives evidence

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A pensioner accused of sex offences has wept in court as his 12-year-old daughter gave evidence in the case.

The man, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the alleged victim, is accused of sexually assaulting his daughter last year.

The alleged incident took place when she was just ten years old.

A video taped interview the girl made with police was played to the jury of ten men and two women.

She said that her mother had gone away for the weekend and her father had come to look after her and her younger brother.

The child said she had had a nightmare on the Thursday night because she missed her mammy.

She said that she had been at a birthday party on the Friday and when she came home her daddy offered to come into her room and lie with her for a while.

During her police interview, she claimed that ‘I never trust anybody to sleep beside me, you never know what anyone could do’.

She claimed that her father touched her three times as she lay in her bed. The child said he began by rubbing her tummy and then moved his hand down to touch her privates.

The jury heard allegations that he did this for about ten or 15 minutes and she shrugged him off.

She said she was ‘shaking’ after it happened and was ‘really scared’ by it.

Under cross examination by defence barrister Mark Reel, the girl admitted that her father had to come looking for her after the party because she didn’t come home at the proper time.

She denied suggestions she had made up the allegations ‘so that your mammy would feel sorry for you instead of being angry at you for staying out’ on the night of the party.

The trial continues.