Man who sexually abused two girls to be sentenced today

A 62-years-old man who abused two girls who used to babysit for his family, is to be sentenced later today.

Friday, 27th April 2018, 10:44 am
Updated Friday, 27th April 2018, 10:46 am

Derry Crown Court heard the defendant told a priest, a monk, a therapist and a counsellor about the abuse over 20 years ago.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to nine charges of indecent assault.

The offences were committed between August 1981 and October 1986 and involve two victims.

Derry Crown Court heard the first victim was 14 years old when she was sexually abused by the defendant.

She was babysitting for his family and was staying overnight in the man’s home.

The court was told the defendant came into the bedroom and touched the girl’s bottom over the blankets.

She woke up, told him to stop and he did.

However, he returned to the room later the same night and touched the girl again.

On this occasion the baby woke up and the girl used this as an excuse to go downstairs and get the child a bottle.

The man followed her and asked her if she would be telling her father about what had happened. She replied no.

The court heard the abuse got progressively worse as the defendant started touching the girl under the blankets.

She said there was ‘a weird relationship’ and she did not want to tell anyone or stop babysitting. The victim said if she did, ‘people would start ‘and ‘all hell would break loose’.

The court heard she was also concerned about the effect on the defendant’s wife.

The last assault occurred when she was aged about 16 and after that she stopped babysitting.

The court heard the second victim was also sexually abused when babysitting for the defendant’s family.

Both women reported the abuse in 2016.

Social Services spoke to the defendant a short time later and he immediately admitted the offences, stating he recognised it was ‘wrong.’

He also said he had sought help to prevent it happening again and had already told several people what he had done.

During police interview, the defendant made full admissions and even admitted things the victims had not alleged against him.

Defence barrister Eoghan Devlin said these were ‘extremely serious offences.’

However, he said it was an unusual case because the defendant had sought help.

Mr. Devlin told the court ‘thankfully’ this was a situation where there had been no more offending.

The barrister added that his client is ‘genuinely sorry for what he had done.’

Judge Philip Babington adjourned sentencing until later today (Friday). He released the defendant on continuing bail and told him to “Get your affairs in order.”