Man who ‘smeared faeces’ over police cells is brought to court naked

Derry's Courthouse on Bishop Street. 3003JM66
Derry's Courthouse on Bishop Street. 3003JM66

A naked man was brought to Derry Magistrates Court after smearing his faeces over three police cells.

Rodney James Bonnes, whose address was given as Simon Community, Melrose Terrace, is charged with criminal damage, assaulting police and resisting police on April 29 and 30.

Derry Magistrates Court heard the 29-year-old was arrested after urinating in the street in front of members of the public.

The 29-year-old allegedly began to shout, make threats and swing his arms. Bonnes also allegdly kicked out in the direction of the officers and caused damage to their car.

An investigating officer told the court what followed was ‘quite disgusting’.

Bonnes allegedly spat blood in an officers face and when a masked was placed over his mouth he ate it.

The court heard allegations Bonnes smeared his faeces over the walls and cameras in three cells.

He then refused to wash himself and said he wanted to appear in front of District Judge Barney McElholm in his ‘soiled state’.

Bonnes refused to put clothes on for coming to court and only got dressed a short time before he was brought into the dock.

During the hearing, Judge McElholm had to warn the 29-year-old about his behaivour several times and eventually found him in contempt of court. Bonnes was shouting from the dock that he didn’t want bail and wanted sent to Maghaberry because it was ‘free B&B’. When asked if he wished to purge his contempt he asked ‘are you having a laugh’.

The judge jailed Bonnes for 28 days for contempt of court and ordered him to appear in court again on May 22.