Mickey McKinney, brother of Bloody Sunday victim William, 'bitterly disappointed' at decision to halt Soldier F prosecution

Mickey McKinney, brother of Bloody Sunday victim William, who was shot dead in Glenfada Park on Bloody Sunday has spoken of the bitter disappointment of learning on Friday that the prosecution of Soldier F is to be discontinued.

Friday, 2nd July 2021, 4:48 pm

"I'm disappointed, bitterly disappointed. We had a bit of an idea that was what they were coming to meet us about," he said.

Mr. Kinney, who has been fighting for justice for his brother alongside the other families whose loved ones were shot dead during an anti-internment demonstration on January 30, 1972, described the non-prosecution decision as another damning indictment of the British justice system.

"It's very frustrating. We all know what happened. We know which soldiers were where and who shot who and everything else," he said.

Mickey McKinney, whose brother William was shot dead on Bloody Sunday, speaking outside the City Hotel on Friday morning after the PPS announcement that Soldier F will not stand trial. Photo: George Sweeney / Derry Journal. DER2126GS – 158

Mr. Kinney vowed that the fight for justice will continue.

"Our family, with the support of the other families and wounded shall challenge this decision as far as we can. This issue is far from concluded. We will fight on."