Mother and children escape injury in car park attack

Sinn F�in councillor Colly Kelly.
Sinn F�in councillor Colly Kelly.

A mother and her young children narrowly escaped injury when a missile was thrown at her car which was parked in William Street car park.

It is believed the object was thrown from the nearby Brewster’s Close area and left a large dent in the car’s bodywork.

Sinn Féin councillor Colly Kelly said the mother and children could have been seriously injured.

“A mother was putting her three young children including a fourteen month infant into her car when a hard object hit the car causing a large dent in the body work.

“If this object had hit one of the children it could have caused a serious injury or worse,” he said.

The colr. also similar incidents have been reported in the area.

“This is not the first time that I have heard complaints about objects being thrown from Brewster’s Close into the car park and I would appeal for those engaged in this activity to stop immediately.

“The people engaged in throwing these objects need to think about the consequences of one of these objects hitting a child. Not only will an innocent child be hurt but I have no doubt that those involved would be brought to justice and face imprisonment,” he added.

The Sinn Féin colr. appealed for anyone with information on the incident to contact the PSNI.

“I would also appeal to users of the car park to be vigilant and report any similar incidents to the PSNI in order to have this activity stopped for good,” he said.