Mother criticises Gardai investigation

The mother of a young man who has reported a sex assault has revealed An Gardai Siochana have criticised her decision to make a public appeal for information.

The mother claimed that after she spoke to the ‘Journal,’ Garda contacted her requesting she cease briefing the press. The appeal followed her son’s claims that he was raped in Inishowen after agreeing to take a lift home from what may have been a taxi-man in Derry in the early hours of Sunday, May 5. She contacted the Journal in order to plead for information on the man responsible or his silver-coloured car. Asking to remain anonymous, she said: “I only went public as this man can’t be allowed to get away with this. The Gardai even confirmed to me that the investigating officer was on leave for a few days and the investigation had not proceeded in the meantime.”

As part of the Garda investigations, the young victim’s phone was submitted to them for analysis.

“I asked when he might get it back and they informed me nothing had been done with it yet. My son is very alone and isolated at the moment, this is a link to his friends and it is just sitting in some drawer somewhere.”

The victim’s mother declined to comment further say she was happy to co-operate with the Garda request.

An Gardai Siochana declined to comment.