Mothers to protest against ‘RAAD death threats’

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A group of mothers from the Creggan area will take to the streets of the estate tonight to protest at death threats being issued against their sons by Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD).

The protest will be held outside the Creggan Shops on Central Drive at 7.30pm.

It comes after members of RAAD visited a number of families in the area on Tuesday night and ordered mothers to bring their sons to a certain location to be shot in the ankles. They were told if they do not comply then their sons will be shot in the head.

One of the organisers of the protest said: “No mother should have to send her son out to get shot.”

Appealing for as many people as possible to attend the protest, the organiser said; “As mothers we are asking you to think ‘what if this was your child?’ Stand up and say no. Join us at the Creggan Shops tonight at 7.30 on International Women’s Week.” The protest comes amid growing tensions between RAAD and young people in the Creggan area.