Mum thanks good samaritans after daughter’s mugging

A Derry mother has thanked the good samaritans who helped her teenage daughter after she was mugged in broad daylight in Belfast city centre.

The local woman, who does not wish to be named, says her daughter, a first year student at Queens who is living away from home for the first time, has been left traumatised after she was punched, kicked and robbed on Monday afternoon.

“I’m told this is happening more often than you might think but has not come to light,” she told the ‘Journal’ this week.

“My daughter was stopped at traffic lights at Shaftesbury Square when she felt someone pulling at her laptop case.

“She was wearing earphones connected to her phone and then they tried to pull at those. When they couldn’t get the earphones, she was punched and kicked to the ground.”

The attacker eventually made off with the Derry student’s mobile phone. The Derry mother says despite the attack happening in broad daylight in a busy city street, many people stood and watched as her daughter was attacked.

“Maybe they just didn’t want to get involved,” she says.

But she says Derry father and son Paddy and Andrew Simpson,as well as the staff at the nearby Benedict Hotel, came to her daughter’s aid.

“This has been a very emotional time and we couldn’t thank them enough. We haven’t the words to say how grateful we are.”

She says anyone who thinks such incidents do not happen in a busy city centre in broad daylight should think again.

“I’m sure no one thinks this could happen in the middle of the day in a built up area but I want other students, other people to know that this does happen in broad daylight, in the middle of the afternoon,” she says.

The Derry mother says her daughter was unable to sit her exams at Queens following Monday’s attack.