Murder victim died ‘within minutes’

Arlene Farrelly, the distraught partner of murder victim Andrew Allen, speaking to the 'Journal'  yesterday afternoon. 1702JM11
Arlene Farrelly, the distraught partner of murder victim Andrew Allen, speaking to the 'Journal' yesterday afternoon. 1702JM11

The grieving girlfriend of murder victim Andrew Allen, has described how she desperately tried to save her dying boyfriend but that he was ‘dead within minutes’.

Sobbing quietly, Arlene Farrelly told of how she desperately tried to resuscitate him but to no avail.

“I know I tried but he’s still gone. And he passed quickly, I know he was gone within minutes.”

Arlene’s partner, Andrew, was murdered last Thursday evening by a gunman who fired repeatedly through the couple’s bedroom window.

She says she’s determined to let people know the truth of what happened that night.

Speaking from her mother’s home in the Waterside she said: “People are saying they just went to shoot through the window as a warning shot.

“But it wasn’t a warning shot.

“They were booting, booting and booting at my door. They wanted into that house.

“It wasn’t a hand gun, it was a shot gun. You had to see the size of the wee runt that was trying to boot through my door.” Broken hearted Arlene says there was no warning, and no explanation.

“I heard the bangs at the door, looked out and roared at Andy: ‘There’s a man with a gun at the door.’

“He shouted to phone the Guards, I looked again and the gunman wasn’t there.

“When I turned around Andy fell to the floor and said, ‘I can’t feel my legs.’

“As I was phoning the ambulance, Andy slid across the floor, beside me.”

The memories of that gruesome evening are almost too much for Arlene as she cries for the man she loved.

However she remembers speaking to the 999 operator:

“They told me to get him on his back but I couldn’t by myself, so I ran to a neighbour but he wasn’t there, so I got another neighbour, and he helped me.

“I kept giving him CPR, but the more I blew on his mouth, the more blood was coming back at me.

“He was sort of choking and blood was pouring down his nose.

“I just kept giving the compressions.”

Realisation soon set in that Andy was dead.

At this stage Arlene went upstairs and waited for the Guards to arrive.

“The Guards never showed up for 40 minutes, and the ambulance took nearly an hour. It was just ridiculous,” she said.

“They couldn’t have saved him anyway but it doesn’t matter. Where were they?

“And he was left in the house until 5pm the next day. Just lying there.

“Nobody was allowed to see him, until the Saturday. It was awful.

“We don’t even know how many shots there were because the autopsy hasn’t come back yet.

“But I know he must have passed away within a minute.

“I really think that the way he fell they paralysed him, but they must have hit an artery because I’ve never seen as much blood in my life.”

Now Arlene has to rebuild her life without Andy by her side.

She says, “We were together 15 months and living together for most of that time.

“He always said, ‘You’re stuck with me Farrelly’. Now he’s gone.

“He was just lovely. A really, really nice person.”