‘My conscience is clear’ - accused tells Crown Court


A 23 year old Derry man on trial for rape told the Crown Court jury today: “My conscious is clear, she consented.”

The jury in the Crown Court trial of Jamie Curry from Goshaden Road, who is charged with rape and attempted rape following a night at a city centre nightclub on February 19, 2012, was sent home for the evening after he was cross examined by the prosecution.

The alleged attack is said to have occurred on the city walls.

Closing arguments in the case are expected to commence on Wednesday morning.

During cross examination Curry was asked why the alleged victim would tell friends and police she was raped and then engage in a medical examination so shortly after what Curry described as a “consensual act”?

He replied: “I believe she regretted what happened.”

Asked was he lying? Curry replied: “She knew who I was the whole time but didn’t say.

“I know for a fact what happened that night was not rape.”

The prosecution then put it to the accused: “The truth of the matter is she was raped by you. She said that very shortly after you left her.”

The defendant’s response was: “No she wasn’t.”

The trial continues on Wednesday.