New investigation needed - Fullertons

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The North’s Police Ombudsman is following “hundreds of lines of inquiry” into allegations surrounding the killing of Eddie Fullerton, the ‘Journal’ has been told.

The fresh inquiry into the 1991 murder in Buncrana is nearing completion and a report is expected to be published this summer, the murdered Donegal County Councillor’s daughter has revealed.

The Sinn Fein politician was killed in his Cockhill home by the UDA in front of his wife Dinah in May, 1991. The murder has since been surrounded by allegations of RUC collusion.

Speaking to the ‘Journal’ yesterday, his daughter Amanda Fullerton said she was confident that the investigation will explore the killing fully. “For the Fullerton family this is the first time we have felt that there has been any kind of a proper investigation in relation to daddy’s murder. On the face of it, it is thorough, positive and highly professional. The shambolic response by the Irish authorities to our complaints are no comparison to the police ombudsman’s investigation.

“It is an extensive investigation with hundreds of lines of enquiry being followed by the team.”

Ms Fullerton said that when the report is published this summer it will be used as a “platform” to address the Garda investigation’s “failures”. “We’ll use the report as a platform to force the Irish authorities to once and for all conduct a proper investigation into daddy’s murder,” she said.

A Garda re-investigation of the circumstances surrounding the murder of Colr Fullerton was undertaken and completed several years ago after many years of campaigning by the Fullerton family.

In November 2006, the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland sanctioned an investigation into the role played by the RUC/PSNI in relation to the murder of Eddie Fullerton. Ms Fullerton said the investigation was shelved from 2008 until last year.