No place for police ‘old boys network - MLA

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A Derry MLA has spoken of his concerns over the PSNI practice of rehiring ex RUC officers who had taken redundancy packages under the Patton reforms.

Sinn Fein’s Raymond McCartney said the practise was concealed for years until this week’s Audit Office report.

“Retiring and rehiring was rampant and this report proves it. The fact that £100m of public money has been spent makes it a scandal on an industrial scale,” he says.

“It undermines what Patton was about with more than 1000 police officers retired under Patton being rehired.

“A £44m contract was awarded without tendering and thousands of jobs filled without public advertisement.

“Those employed were not accountable to the Police Ombudsman or bound by PSNI’s Code of Ethics. Add to that the fact that some have been assigned sensitive roles in which they have a serious conflict of interest regarding historical enquiries.”

He added:”There is no place for an old boys’ network in the new beginning to policing we all deserve and this is the moment of truth for the current PSNI leadership.”