‘No remorse’ for attack on daughter - says Malin mother

The family of a Malin woman, who was attacked by a local father of two in February 2010, say they feel there is no remorse shown by the defendant since the assault.

Michael McLaughlin from 1 Radharc na Tra Briege, Malin was given a suspended prison sentence on Tuesday after pleading guilty at Carndonagh District to the assault of Emma McEleney in April last year.

The court heard how on the night of February, 18, 2010 McLaughlin got into a fight with Ms McEleney’s boyfriend at their home in Drumcrabit Mews.

Inspector David Murphy said when Ms. McEleney tried to separate the two men, McLaughlin “grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the ground”.

He added: “He then starting hitting her in the face and held her down on the ground before he was pulled off her.”

Following the attack, Ms McEleney was taken to A&E of Letterkenny Hospital after being assessed by NowDoc at the scene.

Insp. Murphy said she had suffered two black eyes, and her back and face had to be x-rayed. Her medical report indicated she had also endured whiplash injuries to her back and neck.

During the original court case, Judge Paul Kelly said it was a “very violent assault” which she [Emma McEleney] would continue to suffer from for some time.

Speaking in Carndonagh Court on Tuesday, Ms McEleney’s mother said she felt there was no remorse by McLaughlin for his actions.

She said: “Every time Emma meets with him [McLaughlin] or his wife on the road, they seem to think it is very funny. They are always smiling and waving and often beep the horn at her.

“She had to report it to Garda Tracey again about five months ago. She just wants to try and put the whole thing behind her.”

Mrs McEleney told Judge Kelly the €3000 cheque which McLaughlin had paid in compensation had “cleared”.

When asked by Judge Kelly what he made of the comments against him, McLaughlin said he just “wants it finished with”.

Judge Kelly replied saying: “In your position I would be very careful not to make gestures to the injured party, but I acknowledge his woman’s daughter wants to put the assault behind her.”

Judge Kelly them imposed a six-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, during which time McLaughlin would be held in a good behaviour bond.