‘North Derry Republican Group’ claim ‘gun attack’

The scene at the Arches in Dungiven on Tuesday morning. 0302SJ01
The scene at the Arches in Dungiven on Tuesday morning. 0302SJ01

‘The North Derry Republican Group’ have claimed responsibility for what it described as a “gun attack” on a house in Dungiven earlier this week.

In a statement to the ‘Journal’, the group also threatened three bars at three different locations in North Derry which they alleged were “allowing” drugs activity on their premises. The group said if they didn’t stop they would “hit them”. They also said they would “target” anyone involved in anti social behaviour.

Sinn Fein councillor and Limavady mayor Sean McGlinchey lives in Dungiven and is concerned.

“There have been groups before this and no doubt there will be groups after them, but this is not the way forward,” he told the ‘Journal’.

“Regardless of what the issues are in the community, whether it’s drugs or anti social behaviour, this is not how to deal with it. There are ways of resolving issues.”

Mayor McGlinchey said he was aware of the group, but that was all.

“It would concern me and I don’t feel the press should be giving them any credence. From my own point of view, - and I’m not being a hypocrite because I’ve been part of a group in the past that has been involved in campaigns with these type of actions over the last 40 years, so I’m speaking from experience - I know this is not the way forward, definitely not. There is nothing to be achieved from it. If there are issues to be resolved this group should come and meet myself and other community representatives and discuss a way forward through dialogue. They need to re-think their strategy.”