Officers draw guns during neighbour dispute


A 52-year-old man has appeared in court accused of arming himself with a machete and threatening to kill his neighbours.

Patrick Joseph Carlin, of Amelia Court, is charged with possessing a machete, making a threat to kill and disorderly behaviour.

He is further charged with causing damage to a car and a garden fence on June 28.

His son 19-year-old Glen Carlin, also of Amelia Court, is charged with disorderly behaviour and making a threat to kill on the same date.

Derry Magistrates Court heard that police received a report that Patrick Carlin was running around, topless and covered in blood, carrying a machete.

A further report was made that Patrick Carlin was carrying a camogie.

Police went to the scene and saw a car had been damaged and saw Glen Carlin at a house allegedly carrying something silver in his hand.

The court heard allegations that the teen refused to drop the item and officers drew their firearms. The item was then identified as a folding chair.

It is alleged that the teen began shouting threats to his neighbour, stating ‘If you mention anything about me or my Da I will be back to f****** kill you’.

An investigating officer told the court police spoke to the alleged injured party and he reported that Patrick Carlin ‘smashed up’ his car while he was in it and said ‘I’m going to kill you’.

She added that the machete was found a short time later in the back garden of a house in Amelia Court.

Opposing bail, the officer said police would have concerns both defendants would commit further offences or interfere with witnesses.

During police interview Patrick Carlin claimed he had been assaulted immediately before this incident and believed the injured party or one of his family were responsible for this.

The 52-year-old accepted during police interview that he had damaged a fence and car belonging to the alleged injured party.

Defence solicitor told the court a bail address in the Waterside was available for Glen Carlin, and one in Ederowen Park for Patrick.

He added that his clients could be released on bail with stringent conditions, including a ban on entering Amelia Court.

District Judge John Meehan granted bail to Glen Carlin because of his age and the less serious charges he faces.

However, he refused bail for Patrick Carlin stating that it was ‘far too inflammatory - machete’s being wielded, cars being damaged and he proposes to move a mile away. No he will have to think about much further away’.

Glen Carlin was released on his own bail of £400, with conditions including a curfew and tag, and his father was remanded in custody until July 24.