Outrage and ferocious backlash to Saoradh statement on shooting dead of Lyra McKee

People from Derry and throughout Ireland have reacted angrily to a statement issued by a group associated with dissident republicans on the shooting dead of 29 year-old journalist, Lyra McKee.

Friday, 19th April 2019, 12:22 pm
Updated Friday, 19th April 2019, 1:32 pm
Journalist Lyra McKee who was shot dead by a masked gunman in Derry on Thursday evening. (Photo: Pacemaker)

Talented journalist and writer, Lyra McKee, was killed when a masked gunman fired shots at P.S.N.I. officers in the Creggan estate on Thursday evening.

The group, known as Saoradh, claimed Ms. McKee was "accidentally killed" when an armed "republican volunteer" fired shots the P.S.N.I. who were in the area conducting a search of a house.

The full statement was shared by Junior McDaid House on Facebook shortly before 9:30am.

Journalist Lyra McKee who was shot dead by a masked gunman in Derry on Thursday evening. (Photo: Pacemaker)

"You murdered a talented, vibrant woman who had just moved to this city after finding love," wrote Derry born author and journalist Claire Allan.

"She had secured a major book deal and was listed as one of the rising stars in Ireland's writing scene.

"She was funny and warm and passionate about her work and promoting the rights of her community.

"She knew all about oppression and bigotry but she fought it with words, not guns. Shame on you. Not in my name."

One Derry man said Saoradh and the person responsible for killing Ms. McKee were an "embarrassment to true republicanism".

"Nobody in Derry supports you - go away," said the man.

"A so-called republican took the life of a talented young woman for zero reason.

Can someone explain how this furthers "the cause"? You embarrass Derry. You embarrass true republicanism. You're not wanted," he added.

Another man described the shooting as a "barbaric attack".

"How dare Saoradh and Junior McDaid House attempt to justify this barbaric attack and murder in the name of the Irish struggle and in the name of defending the people of Creggan," said the man.

"Dissident "Republicans" need to know now from the people of Derry that we do not support them," he added.

The P.S.N.I. is treating the incident as an act of terrorism and has launched a murder investigation.