Outrage at anti-Islam message in Bogside

An anti-Islam slogan daubed on gable wall in the Bogside has been described as 'narrow minded hatred' by independent councillor, Gary Donnelly.

Monday, 21st November 2016, 2:29 pm
Updated Tuesday, 22nd November 2016, 11:21 am
The anti-Islam slogan in Limewood Street.

The slogan reads ‘Oppose Islam - The Irish Patriots’ and was noticed in Limewood Street over the weekend.

The graffiti was removed by a local community activist group called the Creggan Community Collective.

“I have spoke to residents in the area and they are disgusted at this narrow minded hatred,” said Colr. Donnelly. “The residents are keen to point out that this bigotry is not reflective of the vast majority of people in the area.”

The slogan has since been removed by local community activists.

Colr. Donnelly said there was nothing patriotic about the slogan and anyone who thinks otherwise is “misguided and deluded”.

“I would like to echo the sentiments of the residents and assure our Muslim brothers and sisters that this is not representative of the people of the Bogside.

“Derry people know only too well what it’s like to suffer from religious and political discrimination and persecution and there is no room in this city for this type of intolerance.”

Colr. Donnelly added: “The Muslim community continues to enjoy the support of the people of Derry and this was highlighted recently by the warm welcome afforded to Syrian refugees who have arrived in Derry to start a new life here having fled the horror of war in Syria.

The slogan has since been removed by local community activists.

“Anyone who thinks there is something patriotic in this type of ignorance is misguided and deluded and should cease immediately.”