‘Parking mad’ saga rumbles on

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The Derry retail park parking fines saga is gathering pace.

The ‘Journal’ has been inundated with calls from shoppers who have received £90 parking fines for sloppy parking at two local retail parks. Some legal representatives are saying ignore the fines while the company doling them out is saying ‘do so at your peril’ as there are “strong grounds” for bringing action against those who fail to pay up.

Regardless of whether or not there are legal grounds for pursuing those who fail to pay, disgruntled customers at the Waterside retail parks at Lisnagelvin and Crescent Link, who were targeted by UK Parking Control attendants for offences - such as parking and leaving the sites, parking outside the bays - are pledging to vote with their feet and shop elsewhere. In these times of financial squeeze should this not be a worry to the stores operating at the sites or perhaps the parks’ management companies which employ UKPC. The stores may well be concerned at potential falls in till receipts but perhaps the management companies would rather take the chance in the interests of shoppers who are sticklers for proper parking - who knows? One reader pointed out: “It could be worse - in Canada the maximum fine for parking in a disabled bay is $5,000 - you only think they have it bad in Derry.”

Many would no doubt agree with such a hefty fine committing the ultimate parking ‘no, no’. However, complaints from Derry shoppers having to fork out £90 for their imprecise parking continue to stream in. The saga continues.